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Welcome at my Center of Creativity!

As a child I dreamt of the homo universalis. I was fascinated by the idea that a human being can

access so many sides of his own creativity. Examples are Leonardo da Vinci who was a painter,

sculpturer, physical researcher and composer. I studied every detail of his work. Also I have been greatly attracted by the idea of the holistic art performance (“Gesamtkunstwerk”)

reflecting the ideal of the combination of all arts. This approach was introduced by Richard

Wagner and further developed by Alexander Scriabin. It has inspired many other artists. I also felt

impressed by this idea without realising why.

While searching for “something” I followed one course after another until I reached the point at

which I concluded that I would never be able to find that “something” outside myself. C.G. Jung describes in his studies into alchemistic processes how the four folded metamorphosis

of the chemical substances into melanosis, leucosis and xanthosis and iosis, which have been applied

since the early days of Christianity, constitutes nothing but the projection of the unconsciousness in

the concerned substance. Also, from a psychological perspective, the alchemistic process forms an

attempt to deal with one’s own shadow sides, to develop intuition through increasing

consciousness and to establish a relationship with one’s own creative capabilities. The passionate

soul which the alchemists wanted to free from chemical elements was still hidden in the silence of

nature. That is why the alchemists were closer to the truth than the people who lived in the era of

Enlightenment where the soul started to identify itself with intellect. Cogito ergo sum. There was no

soul outside the consciousness of the ego.

However, this ego is egocentric and blown up. During the last century we have witnessed the

result of this process. The alchemists stated the following: “Rumpite libros, ne corda verstra rumpantus”. “Tear the books so that your hearts will not be tearen.” They meant to say that you can only truly understand through experience . Your own soul, your own creativity, potential and creative forces are hidden in current and immediate experiences, not in the intellect - the past, not in the imagination - the future – just Here and Now.

This Center of Creativity aims at creating portals, portals accessing your deepest essence and your

own Centre of Creativity. I am very grateful to the Van Ede team for offering its gracious

hospitality by making rooms available for the concerned activities. I also extend my deepest

appreciation to the Iona Foundation which helps me to realize this dream.

While every human being has shaped its own personality pursuant to its own story, every human

being needs another portal giving access to his own force and own centre. Hence I would like to

build a house for all of you with portals having different shapes, colours and dimensions.

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