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As I was lying in bed with a flu recently, feeling miserable and weak, I started to think about the term self-pity.

During the last decennia there has been written a lot about it and we all know that it doesn't help us if we feel sorry about ourselves, because then we are keeping ourselves trapped in the passive role of the victim.

On the other hand, there is something which can actually be very comforting for ourselves and is only a few steps away from self-pity.

It is our inner contact with the little, vulnerable bird in our heart which asks for protection. Some of you will know it under the term "Inner child", C.G.Jung named it "Divine child". It is something in us which constantly needs our attention and protection and if we do not listen to it we will become disbalanced.

If we are in contact and communication with the Divine Child it can guide and protect us in the outer world in return, because it is full of wisdom.

To care for yourself as if you would care for somebody else whom you love can be something very beautiful, because you serve the one who is weak and strong at the same time, which is actually your essence.

Periods of illness can help us to get in contact again with this essence and come out of it much more stronger and centred.

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