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This new year started with a lot of disturbance around the world and many people are afraid of the current situation. We look at the outside and wonder how it was possible that so much aggressivity, hatred and unrest could happen, but let us first start to look in ourselves.

How much lack of peace do we feel there? How much do we judge ourselves? How much can we forgive ourselves for things we did in the past, as a child? How many walls have we built up in our own hearts? How much infantile fear do we feel in ourselves?

What we see at this moment in the outside is dispeace, condemnation, and walls that we built up in ourselves and which were, until now, hidden from our consciousness. Suddenly we are confronted with unconscious contents in the dazzling light of consciousness. Donald Trump is only a speaker for what thousands of people are feeling in their own hearts, even without knowing about it on a conscious level.

The challenge for us is to take our responsibility, to make a decision for ourselves. We have the choice to complain and cry and go on with building walls everywhere, or to face this fear and hatred with love and acceptance. If we start to solve the dispeace in ourselves by accepting it, and not to treat it like an unwelcome guest, we will embrace it with love. This will not change only ourselves, but also our surroundings. The more people will have the courage to face their own fear with love, the more this world will be a peaceful one.

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